South East Cultural Innovation Forum

Nurturing Talent, Inspiring Culture

The South East Cultural Innovation Forum is an umbrella group of ten creative institutions which have come together to create dialogue and action across shared values and common interests. Our partnership ignites positive change across our region through a shared commitment to enhancing culture and creativity.

The Cultural Innovation Forum

  • Is a response to the current, and growing importance of the arts and the creative industries in the contemporary economy and across society
  • Nurtures the talent needed to ensure the creative sector thrives in and beyond the South East of England
  • Engages directly with the challenges of social justice and cultural equity as they relate to, and beyond the sector

Culture is intrinsic to the development of a sense of place, to community and to economic growth. We are reimagining the South East as a connected place of possibility where new cultural and educational ideas can be realised.  Together we are a vibrant network working to bring about change across our region.  We make a difference by influencing and shaping policy; undertaking research and building effective collaborations across, and beyond, the Forum.

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